Something more, something important.

Learn to love yourself, by yourself.

Within yourself you need to find the love, the courage.

You need to be happy with what and who you are.

Not by what others say and name.

Take care of yourself before its too late, fall in love with yourself like your own lover.

Shout and scream do everything it takes but please love yourself.

Happiness always is from within, make it happen.

Love your flaws.

Every side, angle, part, corner, love it and embrace it.

You are beautiful.

You are more.

You are independent.

Stop relying on others to help you or show you YOUR OWN WORTH.

Rely on yourself, fall in love with yourself and be the one for yourself.

Seize every chance you can get to love yourself even more, stop allowing yourself to believe that you need a form of help to achieve this.

You need nobody but yourself.

Love yourself, YOU are more.

You are YOU.

Something different but also something priceless.

There is no limit to your success, nobody can tell you what you can and can’t achieve.

Only you can stop yourself.


how you left me feeling..

i don’t wanna do this anymore,

i’m feeling more than used,

something more like abused.

i wanted to be close to you, now i just wanna be the most to you.

now you left me and my tears are no longer dry.

everyone is the same.

note to self:

people will always want something for themselves, their only in it for themselves too.

do not let someone else break you or hurt you, you are worth more.

you are more than you think,

you are everything you need,

love yourself, make yourself and do not let anyone break you.

shine bright and don’t allow anyone else to say you’re mine.

keep yourself to yourself, you can do this.

moods, emotions and thoughts

i’m feeling so shit, i thought summer was gonna be lit.

everyones living their life and i’m just isolating myself.

i could pick up a knife and end it, but that wouldn’t be right.

we got to be strong, more than the demons stuck in our heads.

we need to ignore the temptation and irritation in our minds.

we have to find ourselves and be kind to yourself.

don’t let your mind play these games.

everyone’s lame but they ain’t gotta even know your name.

focus on yourself, do better.

love on yourself, gain quicker.

forget about the rest,

you’re the only matter.


i only spent a year, it seems more like a day.

i haven’t been here long but i do know it was my second home.

i love every single one of you, leaving you makes me all tingle.

i just want to say,


• for making comfortable

• for helping me through each day

• for letting me be me

• for motivating me continuously

i can go on and on, everything i wanted you all gave.

im thankful for all of you that contributed to my success, i appreciate all you’ve done for me.

i love you.

all of you.


so here we go, listen with your ear and let me cry a tear.

im sick of them trying to find a click,

i don’t want to be a pick & mix,

i wanna be a first option.

i wanna be a caption to their chapter,

i don’t want to be another one of their players.

maybe its me, or maybe its them.

why did you lie to try make me feel better?

you could’ve just bought me a meal, then we would’ve had a deal.

i’m not sure what it is, besides the fake lies and the sad energy.

what did i do to deserve this sort of disrespect huh?

all i did was love you like you was mine, but now its me saying ‘oh im fine.’

don’t tell me to stop, don’t tell me it will change, don’t lie to me one more time and leave me.

i wanted to be worthy, i wanted to be more.

so here’s to me leaving another human, another one that was full of itself that it became toxic and didn’t realise my love.

i deserve more.

Another one because i can🤷🏽‍♀️

Im broke just wanting a fix.

There’s not much besides a big mix, i just want to become more than what everyone thinks.

I want to make a change but everyone thinks im strange.

Suicidal thoughts are becoming more than consistent, more than a daily.

Im hurting but no ones caring.

Im sick of waiting think someone will help me.

Im done.

Im tired of living and breathing, i just want to be 6 feet under or covered with happiness.

It’s either one or the other.

I’m not sure what it will be,

but what am i trying to stay so strong for?

why am i trying so hard?

what is there to live for?